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The Land of Venn - Geometric Defense

The Land of Venn – Geometric Defense

The Evil Bookkenriders are coming to drink from the magic pools and
destroy the land of Venn. Master the ancient knowledge of geometrical
shapes to defend The Land and eliminate the Evil Bookkenriders attacks.
Start as an apprentice and rise to fame as a powerful Wizard!.
Read More …

Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity

Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity

A creative, modern day take on the beloved and all time classic, Mr. Potato Head – our generation’s mainstay toy for creative play! A great way for kids to relax, unwind, have some fun, and most importantly use their imagination! Faces iMake is a perfect way to develop right brain creative capabilities. Read More …

Faces iMake - ABC

Faces iMake – ABC

Using imaginative play and everyday objects in conjunction with the alphabet,
Faces iMake – ABC is a great vehicle for kids to relax,unwind,
have some fun, and use their imaginations. Most importantly, the learning
happens seamlessly as they play and explore. Read More …

Wince – Don’t Feed the WorryBug

Wince worries so much The WorryBug appears! And we all know
the more you worry, the bigger The WorryBug can become! Join Wince
on his inspirational journey of self awareness. Guaranteed to inspire
anyone who has had a worry no matter how old they are. Read More …

The Monsters Family

Introducing the zaniest family since the Flintstones – Here comes The Monsters.
Let the games begin entertaining and educating your child with a variety of
six exciting educational games made especially for preschoolers. Read More …

Zombies iMake – Create Monsters and Zombies

Fun for kids, devilishly addictive for adults, lets you design an endless horde of zombies by patching together spare body parts. It is a modern Mr. Potato Head that lets a child’s imagination go wild to create gorgeously ghoulish creations of their very own! Read More …